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The mission of “Monety Academy” Foundation is to support and educate on monetary-related topics and help parents raise financially responsible kids. We provide economic knowledge, skills, and practical training tools needed in life. Financial literacy for all is a priority for us as we believe this is a pillar for a worthwhile life, forward-thinking mentality, and improvements in civil society.

If you want to contribute to a better financial future for our society – join our cause.

We believe that the best way to lay a strong foundation for the next generation is by educating them about one of the most important aspects of modern society – the management of finance. By providing financial “liberation” for the kids our community will ensure that they will spend their money responsibly. This in its way contributes to the economically reasonable and eco-friendly behavior of the youngsters, because if they are literate and are spending adequately, even their ecological blueprint can be improved. To be able to reach as many “young adults” and their parents we would appreciate assistance from everyone that believes in our mission. If you are on the same wavelength as us and want to join a team of highly skilled professionals, please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s create the best future that the next generation deserves!

Welcome to the website of “Monety Academy” Foundation with ID No.206408021. Non profit in public benefit registered in the European Union. We are an organization wholeheartedly dedicated to secure the best possible financial literacy for the upcoming generations.